Section I.

The full, legal name of this organization shall be Pi Alpha Xi, The Honor Society

for Horticulture, abbreviated as P.A.X.

P.A.X. was founded in 1923 as an honor society for floriculture. Over time, it

expanded to include landscape horticulture and ornamental horticulture.

The meaning of the Honor Society for Horticulture is to be interpreted as a

professional Honor Society for those engaged in horticulture. Chapters may

choose to continue the tradition of honoring only those students with an interest

in Floriculture, Landscape Horticulture and Ornamental Horticulture.

Section II.

The purposes of this Honor Society are to recognize high scholarship, to foster

good relationships among its members, to promote or to facilitate the exchange

of ideas among members of the professions, and to establish cordial relations

among students, educators, and industry members.



Section I.

Any university or college offering four years of baccalaureate instruction in

horticulture is eligible to establish a chapter.

Section II.

A petition for the establishment of a new chapter shall be presented to the Board

of Directors through the office of the National Secretary-Treasurer. Upon consent

of the Board of Directors, the petition shall be referred to all active chapters, by





referendum at the National Convention or by mail or electronic correspondence.

Upon affirmative vote of two-thirds of the active chapters, the President shall

issue a proclamation of acceptance.

Section III.

Such petitioning group shall stand the expense of installation and shall at the

time of installation deposit with the National Secretary-Treasurer the regular

initiation fee for each of the members. The chapter shall be exempt from further

payment of dues for the remainder of the school year, except for members

initiated after the installation of a new chapter.

Section IV.

An active chapter of Pi Alpha Xi may be declared inactive by the National

President or by the Board of Directors upon the request of the chapter concerned

or recognized staff advisor of the chapter, or after lapse of dues payment for a

period of more than three years. Such an inactive chapter may become active

again with the approval of the National President or the Board of Directors upon

payment of chapter dues for the current year and one year in arrears. Inactive

chapters may not initiate members, propose honorary members, or have a vote

at a National Convention. Nothing, however, shall prevent duly initiated Pi Alpha

Xi members at an institution with an inactive chapter, or any member duly

initiated by that chapter, from holding a national office or committee appointment,

or otherwise exerting membership rights in Pi Alpha Xi.



Section I.

The membership of Pi Alpha Xi shall be open to all persons engaged in

horticulture provided they meet the eligibility requirements and shall consist of

four categories: Active, Associate, Alumni, and Honorary.

(a) Active Membership:

Active membership shall be restricted to the institution at which there is a

chapter of Pi Alpha Xi and shall consist of the following three groups:

1. Regularly enrolled students studying horticulture and having attained at

least junior standing are eligible for membership. The student must have

an overall grade point average of 3.00/4.00 (or equivalent).

2. Graduate students studying horticulture and in good academic standing

after at least one academic term are eligible for membership. The student

should show promise of continued activity and interest in the field.




3. Members of the faculty of horticulture.

Individual chapters may choose to elect a higher minimum grade point average.

(b) Associate Membership:

Faculty members from disciplines other than horticulture at an institution

where there is a chapter of Pi Alpha Xi, who are contributing to the

advancement of horticulture, are eligible for membership.

(c) Alumni Membership:

Any active member who is in good standing upon withdrawal, graduation,

resignation, or retirement from his/her institution shall automatically

become an alumnus/alumna.

(d) Honorary Membership:

In the initiation of commercial persons to honorary membership, every

effort should be made to limit this group to individuals of high educational

attainments as well as commercial prominence. Honorary membership

shall consist of Chapter Honorary and National Honorary memberships

and shall meet one of the following three criteria:

1. Persons who have rendered marked service in the advancement

of horticulture.

2. Persons engaged in teaching, extension or research work of

benefit to horticulture at an institution where there is no active

chapter of Pi Alpha Xi.

3. Persons holding a college degree who have attained a

distinguished position in the field.

Honorary members shall have no vote in any regular meeting and shall

not be eligible to hold office.

For the full constitution please refer to pax-constitution




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